Product Sheets

CloudWeaver® Platform

Own your cloud performance.

Lyatiss CloudWeaver empowers you with end-to-end visibility and control of your cloud infrastructure via a powerful intuitive interface. CloudWeaver understands the needs of your application and helps you to achieve optimal and predictable cloud performance.

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CloudWeaver® FlowMapper

See the sources of latency in your Cloud.

FlowMapper is a powerful product of the CloudWeaver platform that enhances visibility into the performance of your cloud infrastructure. Using sensors that leverage transport layer intelligence, FlowMapper offers knowledge into the activity and the performance of an application infrastructure. It provides an intuitive visualization of flows, or the data exchanged between cloud resources.

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CloudWeaver® Discovery

Never lose track of your cloud resources.

CloudWeaver Discovery is a key component of the CloudWeaver® platform that gives Amazon Web Services (AWS) users an instant snapshot of their instances and services. CloudWeaver Discovery gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to inventory and manage their cloud Infrastructure. The free online CloudWeaver Discovery service can visualize and document your AWS infrastructure and services in minutes.

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White Papers

Application Defined Networking

The missing link for optimal cloud application performance and agility.

At the advent of the Internet more than four decades ago, it was hard to imagine how the demand for networking and the applications running over the network was going to revolutionize communication, business operations and productivity. Fast forward to today, and it has become clear that the network architecture is struggling to keep pace with the high-level of agility, manageability and performance that both enterprises and individuals now expect from today’s rich services and cloud applications.

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