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FlowMapper gives you a powerful knowledge of the activity and the performance of your AWS infrastructure. It monitors all your resources but also the communications between them. This way you can understand the delays in your application, detect congested or underutilized resources, remediate to any infrastructure issues easily and very quickly.

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Smooth out communication and computation

Cloud applications are distributed and routinely plagued by unexpected connections, latency and bandwidth issues.

FlowMapper introduces a new network monitoring technology for discovering flow patterns and communications problems in your Cloud infrastructure. Our cutting-edge network sensors help building the communication graph to accelerate the detection and location of issues in an application infrastructure.

Our sensors are based on open-source Linux kernel technology and the source code is available on Github.


Discover and understand the flows with no effort

Network sensors allow CloudWeaver to build the live communication graph of your Application. This is a tremendous advantage as it boosts your visibility and helps you to improve the availability, security and performance of your applications in the Cloud.

Troubleshoot and operate your Cloud efficiently

With FlowMapper you can troubleshoot and operate your Cloud infrastructure in real-time at a very low cost. It delivers key insights into critical metrics such as TCP rtt, throughput, loss, CPU load or stolen CPU.

Prevent issues before they affect applications and budget

Get key insight into developing latency issues and isolate bottlenecks as soon as they appear. Determine if your infrastructure is over-provisioned and where you can cut costs. Proactively workaround problems instead of having to firefight your way out of them.

Evaluate your bandwidth needs

For the first time a comprehensive knowledge of the data movement combined with the activity patterns of all cloud resources can be generated at a very low cost. You get the benefits in real-time without requiring any extra resource within your own infrastructure.


Cloud communications

The intuitive UI delivers visibility into the operational behavior and performance of cloud infrastructure via the Operations Tab. CloudWeaver FlowMapper instantaneously tells which components are talking to which other components. You see how your “team” of resources coordinate and synchronize to process user requests and understand easily how your services are interacting.


Latency and Bandwidth HeatMaps give you at a glance a critical insight into your application flows performance. This way you get an accurate and an early warning of developing provisioning and networking issues in your multi-regional cloud. Plus, you can cut right to remediating the problems before they impact your application, saving you from downtime and troubleshooting headaches.

Detailed charts

Flow and Node sparklines and detailed charts allow you to visualize an extensive set of utilization and performance metrics of each of your Cloud assets. They give you real-time and historical views of the utilization of your Cloud infrastructure, of the latency being experienced—and the bandwidth being consumed—by your applications.

Zero configuration

FlowMapper is very easy to use and is pre-configured to provide you with actionable information out-of-the-box.

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More technical details

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CloudWeaver FlowMapper is provided for trial on AWS:

  • Based on network sensors easy to deploy in your instances.
  • Accessible via CloudWeaver Discovery or the FlowMapper RESTful API.
  • Supports all AWS regions and instances.


FlowMapper is based on easy to install Network Sensors:

  • Revolutionary technology: Implement a breaking-edge network sensing technology.
  • Open-source: Based on an optimized version of an open-source L4 Linux module.
  • Numerous distributions: Supported on variety of Linux kernels (versions 2.x and 3.x) and distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, CentOS, and Amazon Linux.
  • Non intrusive: Consumes less than 2% of CPU.
  • Quick install: Click on the sensor button of your instances. No configuration is required.

For more information, download CloudWeaver FlowMapper brochure.