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CloudWeaver Discovery gives you an easy way to inventory and manage your cloud Infrastructure. It automatically visualizes and documents your AWS infrastructure and services all across regions in minutes.

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How it Works

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  1. Log onto CloudWeaver Discovery
  2. Provide your AWS (read-only) credentials
  3. Discovery maps your cloud and lets you generate your reports

It’s that simple! For more information, download CloudWeaver Discovery brochure.

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CloudWeaver Discovery:

  • Automatically maps cloud resources
  • Enables AWS users to quickly locate resources spatially in different regions
  • Saves costs by uncovering forgotten or underutilized resources
  • Provides single-click SSH access to instances from any web-enabled device
  • Easily generates inventory reports to satisfy compliance requirements

Never lose track of your cloud resources

AWS makes it fast and easy to spin up resources. This agility and cost effectiveness can provide a tremendous advantage for AWS users.

The same ease and low cost of renting AWS resources also makes it easy to over-provision resources. As resources accumulate so does the cost. However, the lack of a clear view into the cloud makes it difficult to take a regular inventory of your resources or locate them spatially in the different regions. Consequently, resources often remain rented simply because they became forgotten.

CloudWeaver Discovery gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to inventory and manage their cloud Infrastructure. The free online CloudWeaver Discovery service automatically visualizes and documents your AWS infrastructure and services in minutes.

Topology Map Provides you with a real-time graphical view of your cloud infrastructure. It gives you a complete picture of your resources and network services.

At a glance, you can see how where they are located, as well as how they are interconnected and organized into regions and availability zones. You can even SSH into your instances directly from your iPad.

Report – Quickly create archivable documentation of your AWS EC2 infrastructure and services to meet your documentation and compliance requirements. Reports are automatically created and updated in real-time to capture an up-to-the-minute picture of your infrastructure.